Travis Magditch v. PrimeCare: Complaint


Travis struggled with heroin addiction and suffered from severe shortness of breath from asthma. The Magditch family had sued PrimeCare and Lehigh County in 2012, after Travis had been arrested for allegedly possessing drug paraphernalia and died of an asthma attack at the jail one day later.

The family’s attorney, David Inscho, told jurors this was Travis’ first time behind bars. He stated that he had “called his parents when he got there, begging to be bailed out.” The local police offered to release Travis into his father’s custody, but having seen his son struggle with drug addiction for two years, he decided against it. Mr. Magditch believed this decision would force Travis to “get help for his drug addiction” and enter rehabilitation. Continue reading this story…

One thought on “Travis Magditch v. PrimeCare: Complaint

  1. I know you have to be careful when there in jail but when it come to this situation he should have been able to use his inhale. .So I blame the jail for his death, because I feel he would still be here if you would have left him keep use his inhaler and just keep an eye on him. So now they have two son gone, I truly miss them both extremely, And some time we get into some thing we don’t feel we can fight if we go down the wrong road and get caught we should not have to die we should get help for it if they can help them. And I really think they should have won that case, they got nothing for his death in jail when the did not treat him right. Like I said before they kill him because he did not get the proper care that he should have gotten in jail.

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